How to Pick Right Eyeglasses Frame Size

The size numbers next to the frames are measurements in mm (millimeters).

There are three figures listed on the side of the frame,

the first number is the width of the lenses;
the second is the bridge distance, or distance between the lenses,
the third is the full length of the temple/arm (including the part that goes behind your ear)..
There are also 2 numbers not shown on the frame, TOTAL WIDTH and LENS HEIGHT

The LENS HEIGHT is the distance from the highest point on the top to the lowest point on the bottom of the lens. If you are buying progressive or bifocal, we suggest you pick a frame with lens height more than 30mm so it has enough space to contain both distance vision portion and reading portion.

The TOTAL WIDTH of the frame is the distance across from the far left to the far right of the frame when looking straight at it.

To ensure the frame size is right for you, the most important figure is TOTAL WIDTH.

To find out your TOTAL WIDTH, you can either measure the hinge to hinge distance of your own frame, or you can measure the distance between the front edges of your forehead.

As long as those numbers are within 5mm of the total width of frame you want to purchase, the frame should fit you perfectly.

Please note all figures are in mm, if you only have ruler in inch, please click here to convert inch to mm.