Preorder Checklist

Before you start browsing frames or place your order, make sure your have 3 pieces of information in hand:

Head Size,

PD (Pupil Distance)


Head Size. To find a frame fits you nicely, make sure TOTAL WIDTH of the frame is close to your head size (within 5mm difference). To get your head size, you can either measure the total width of your current frame, or follow the illustration below to measure your head size. Be aware, all measurements are in mm and 1 inch=25.4 mm.

PD (Pupil Distance). The pupil distance is the distance between the center of your two eyes (pupils). This measurement is necessary to ensure the correct positioning of your lens within the frame you have chosen. Sometimes the optometrist will put PD on your script, but sometimes they do not. If you can not find PD on your prescription, do not worry. Just go to our PD FAQ page and follow simple instruction to get your PD.

Prescription. If you are buying prescription glasses, you should have a copy of your prescription from the optometrist already. We have made ordering glasses easier by offering an online prescription form. You can just fill out your prescription online and get your glasses delivered without leaving the comfort of home. To help you understand the prescription and fill out our online form, we have created a prescription page which will show you how to enter the online prescription form. Please click here to go to the prescription page.

Once you have all the above information in front of you, you are ready to order your glasses online ! Congratulations!