Prescription Eyeglasses Order Procedure

STEP 1. Select Frame

We offer many ways to find a frame, you can browse By Gender (male, female, kids), By Frame Material ( metal, plastic, bendable or titanium), By Style (full rim, semi-rimless, rimless, round, square, aviator), By Glasses Type ( distance, bifocal, progressive, reading), By Price or By Frame Size.

If you know the frame number you like, you can also enter it directly into search field.

Click on any menu button, you will be taken to a Frame List page, listing all the frames meeting that condition.

On the Frame List page, we displayed the frame image, measurement, price, type of lenses that works with that frame and special features of the frame

Pay special attention to total width, you need to use that to decide whether the frame will fit or not.

STEP 2 Try On Frame and Select Color

Once you find the frame you like, click the "view detail" button, you will be taken to Frame Detail Page.

On Frame Detail page, you can see all the measurements of the frame, description and frame images from different angles.

On the frame detail page we also have a function called "Virtual Mirror" , you can either upload your image or use one of our model images to see how the frame will look on you or on the model.


If you are happy with the frame, select one frame color, then click NEXT STEP, to enter your prescription

STEP 3 Enter Prescription and Select Lens. Each person has unique prescription and preference. In order to understand each individual customer's need and make sure the glasses are custom made to exactly what the customer wants, we break the prescription entering procedure into 5 sub steps: Select Glasses Type, Enter Prescription, Select Lens Type , Select Lens Package and Finalize Order.

Select glasses type. We provide 5 types of glasses: Distance Single Vision Glasses, Bifocal Glasses, Progressive Glasses, Reading Glasses and Non-Prescription Glasses. To learn more about each type of glasses, just click the question mark sign behind each type.

Enter Prescription. Copy your script to our drop down prescription form. If you do not know how to read your prescription or the numbers on your script is different from our drop down menu, click "How to read my prescription", "What is PD" or simply click on the Chat button on the right to ask one of our online representatives.

Select Lens Type. We offer 4 types of lenses: Regular Clear Lens, Polarized Sunlens, Tinted Lens and Transition Lens. If you do not know what each lens type means, just click on the question mark behind each type, or ask one of our online representatives.

Select Lens Package One of the advantage of ordering with us is we offer multiple choices for each type of glasses, so you can find the right lens for every needs and budget. If you do not know what the differences among all the lenses, just click "what are the difference among all packages"

Finalize Order. This is the last step of the order. Here you can select several options, such as Anti-Glare Coating and Polarized Clip-Ons. And if you ordered tinted lenses, you can select your tint color, tint darkness and tint type. Beware, if you ordered polarized sunlens, or transition lenses, tint darkness and tint type are not customizable. If you are happy with your selection and price, click "Buy Now" to finalize your order.