Three types of colored contact lenses

As we know, regular contact lenses are used for vision correction like prescription eyeglasses. They are mainly crystal clear. But there are now available colored contact lenses. Do not make a complex interpretation. These are just contact lenses that have a visible color. These visible contact lenses differ considerably from clear contacts in terms of […]

Advantages of contact lenses

A recent study involving children aging 8 to 17 shows that more than half of these children are interested in contact lenses, a third of whose parents are not reluctant to consider buying contact lenses for their kids. There are also 40% of children who dislike wearing noticeable eyeglasses. A majority of parents’ concerns are […]

Designs of multifocal contact lenses

Modern people in their middle ages are more active than their counterparts living in several decades ago. A large number of people above 40 still participate in biking, jogging, exercising and playing sports regularly. Presbyopia is quite common among this group of people, who usually need multifocal lenses for adequate vision aid. Bifocal, trifocal and […]

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