Bendable Glasses

What are bendable glasses?

Bendable glasses, also known as flexible eyeglasses, are made of durable materials like memory plastic/metal and titanium and more. Those bendable eyeglasses are can return at least it’s 98% original shape after being bent or twisted. Bendable glasses frames are very durable, flexible and light that now has widely applied in eyeglasses industrial.

As they are superior, bendable eyeglasses and glasses frames are more expensive than regular glasses and frames. Nevertheless, there still lots of people prefer to buy bendable glasses. In this situation, Firmmo here benefit you in a way of selling high quality yet cheap bendable glasses.

Materials for bendable glasses

To get flexible eyeglasses frames, we adopt some durable materials for both eyeglasses frames and lenses. Only if the glasses frames and lenses are durable and impact resistant, the glasses will be bendable.

So far, titanium, memory metal and memory plastic are widely used for bendable glasses frames. They are the latest durable materials, featured with light-weight, durable, bendable.

The best lenses choice for bendable glasses is PC lenses. They are 10 times more impact-resistant than normal plastic lenses. So, PC lenses are wise choice for bendable glasses.

More Description about Bendable Glasses

We work for providing bendable glasses & eyeglasses frames, varying in different shapes. Among them, rectangular and oval shaped bendable glasses are the most classic one. These glasses frames also made in different colors include pink and silver etc. Any lenses can be filled on the bendable glasses to meet different vision needs. Most of the bendable glasses are featured with lightest weight. And they will always keep the shape can can’t be deformed.

Bendable glasses frames are also popular among people who love sports. Bendable titanium eyeglass frames, memory plastic/metal frames are here for you. Here, you can get awesome glasses that suit you not only functionally but also aesthetically in a frugal way. Not just eyeglasses, now, bendable sunglasses also available.

What’s more, the bendable eyeglasses provided by will unction effectively in many aspects in your daily life, of which the most eminent one is to transform your dull and monotonous facial image to distinctive and charming one. Choosing a pair of suitable bendable glasses can give you a new image of fashion.

What’s more, comparing the eyeglasses in local shop, buying bendable glasses at can help you save money. Here, we offer low cost but good quality bendable eyeglasses. So, buying good quality yet cheap bendable glasses can be realized here. Just have a try with the help of our Virtual Try-on System.