Flexible Frames

Materials of our flexible frame glasses

To get flexible eyeglasses frames, we adopt quality bendable glasses materials. At present, titanium, memory metal and memory plastic are widely used for our flexon glasses frames. Compared with traditional metal and plastic materials, they are more light-weight, durable and bendable.

Wearing those eyeglass frames, you won’t worry that they may cause an indentation on your nose. Besides, they can bended or twisted, and return at least 98% the original shape of eyeglasses frames. is this great? If you take comfort as top priority when selecting eyewear, flexible spectacles are a good way to go.

Flexible frames are available for prescription glasses

Flexible frames are available for different prescription lenses so as to give you the best comfortable and durable prescription eyeglasses. If you suffer presbyopia, flexible reading glasses come to help. If you suffer myopia, you can also buy nearsighted eyeglasses with flexible frames.

Besides, these eyeglass frames vary in different sizes to apply to bifocal or progressive lenses. Come on, it is time to find flexible frames for your optical glasses, which assure you comfortable glasses experience.

More Description about Flexible Glasses Frames

Flexible frames are type of eyeglasses frames made of durable materials. They are nearly unbreakable that give you wonderful experience of eyeglasses wearing. And since they made of durable materials, these eyeglasses have long life so that you needn’t constantly change new eyeglasses. Here, you are accessible to a wide range of inexpensive flexible eyeglasses frames, featuring different shape, color and style such as cat eye, aviator, round or big square shape frame etc. Color options include black, red, silver etc.

These flexible spectacles are quite cheap in prices and good in quality. You can get awesome glasses that suit you not only functionally but also aesthetically in a frugal way.

Now, you can try our Virtual Try-On System to find the right flexible eyewear to fit your face, and you will be ensured a happy shopping experience. So, move your finger and order bendable eyeglasses online here.