I like wearing fashion prescription sunglasses

Yesterday, I went out with a boy I had known from the internet chatting room, wearing my new pair of fashion prescription sunglasses. I thought it was a great experience and I would like to share with you my joy.

I am a lovely girl, but not that fashionable. I do not like the fascinating eyeglasses, nor do I love wearing make-ups. However, there is one thing in this world that I really love: fashion prescription sunglasses. Since my eyes are a little near-sighted, so I had to depend on the prescription eyeglasses. A long time ago, I found that eyeglasses were no longer extra things or burdens on my face. In fact, only if I could choose a pair of sunglasses, it would become useful weapons to show my personality and personal airs. Personally, I prefer those rimless fashion prescription sunglasses with square lenses. That is because the rimless eyeglasses could show my taste and personality very well. As to the square lenses, that is because my face is round. Knowing exactly what my face shape and taste is, I could always end up finding a pair of fashion prescription sunglasses in the online eyeglasses store I like to visit. Since I had been planning to meet this guy from the online chatting room, I thought I should buy a new prescription sunglasses for myself. Then I went to this online eyeglasses store, and quickly I found myself a new pair with very little money. I knew that this pair of fashion prescription sunglasses would add to fashionable feelings to me. It turned out that I had made a very correct decision! This guy was just totally fascinated by me and could not move his eyes away from me for even a second. When I asked him why he kept looking at me, he admitted that my sunglasses gave me a unspeakably great air which attracted him a lot. Then we talked a lot about the other things that we both felt interesting. After that, we made the time to meet for our next appointment! Now you see, it is very important for people to find a pair of fashion prescription sunglasses that suited them best.

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