My friend’s hobby of collecting prescription glasses

I have a friend who likes to collect all types of eyeglasses designed for different people. I don’t know why she has such a different habit but I must say some of the glasses she buys from other countries are very beautiful. I am also an eyeglasses wearer but I don’t have time to make a careful selection. More than often, I enter an entity store in the downtown area and take the shop assistant’s advice. I pursue efficiency and I trust their professional suggestions based on their experience and knowledge. I seldom study the different functions of prescription glasses and I don’t care much about the appearance of glasses either. I just regard it as a medical device to protect my eyes and make me lead a normal life. Since the basic function is to make wearers see objectives more clearly, I don’t think the fashionable outlook matters a lot. But my friend thinks it is a symbol of personal taste and we should learn to make a good match. In addition, different glasses have their unique function, which calls for consumers’ carefulness to make a wise decision. So my friend often searches the Internet to see whether there are some new styles of glasses.

She has a fixed online shopping place and she recommends it to all the person she knows because she believes it is a good resource to share with others. She has been an online shopper for so many years but she really began to buy eyeglasses from online stores not a long time ago. Even so, she has a sharp sense when making a choice and she knows which type of glasses suits what kind of person. So when we need to buy glasses, we naturally turn to her for help. She is very generous to tell us some useful tips and even directly helps us to make a choice and fill in the order. What a great friend!

She often notices the news on the page site of to catch up with the times. She chats with the service personnel through the live support and plays the virtual fitting room to see the effects of different types of prescription glasses on different people. Another reason to explain her preference to that store is because of the reasonable price of glasses. She speaks highly of the good quality as well as the satisfactory prices.