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Cheap Glasses
S3103 Designer Eyeglasses
$150.00  $39.95

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C0108 kids glasses
$69.00  $18.95
R6932 Rimless Eyeglasses
$120.00  $32.95

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MF206 Prescription Glasses
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M1006 Metal Eyeglasses
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Progressive Glasses


How easy is it to order cheap glasses online?
Ordering discount eyeglasses online can be the easiest thing you’ve done to save money in a long time... even if you have a prescription. Discount prescription glasses are our specialty.
Three simple steps. Here’s what you need to do in order to claim your discount eyeglasses online:
1. Obtain your prescription from your optician. Make sure ask for your Pupil Distance (PD).
2. Browse our selection of discount glasses and select your lens AND your frame online, then follow the instructions and fill out all the forward information that is needed.
3. Get your cheap, discount glasses delivered to your door.
Should you have any questions at all about how to claim your cheap glasses online, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always here to help you discover the best pair of discount glasses money can buy. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Our discount eyeglass staff can be reached online, via phone or email. For detailed information, please go to our contact page.
How can we discount glasses so much?
Simple. We are the manufacturer.
Since we are bringing discount eyeglasses from the factory directly to you, via the internet, we don't have the additional overhead constraints and expenses that the traditional non-discount eyeglass retailer will have. We have eliminated distributor and wholesaler mark-ups on our whole line of discounted eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses along with the costs of retail space, behind-the-counter employees, and warehousing. Thus the steep discount is passed on to you, the general public.Cheap glasses online is what we are.
How is the quality of your discount eyeglasses compare to the glasses sold in a retail store?
Our cheap eyeglasses are of the same, if not better, quality as the glasses sold in a normal retail store, just with a steep discount.
We have been a manufacturer of commercial grade optical products for over 20 years. Seeing the need for cheap or discounted, high quality prescription glasses in the market, we decided to launch this web site to bring ordinary consumers our professional grade products and service at a huge discount.
Further, the discount eyeglasses are also come with free UV400 treatment and Scratch Resistance Coating at no extra cost.
What type of glasses do you carry?
Our line of glasses are the most extensive in the industry. We carry three main categories of Glasses: Single Vision Glasses, Bifcal Glasses and Progressive Glasses.
Under each category, we have four main lens material types: Clear Lens, Tinted Prescription Sunglasses, Polarized Sunglasses and Transition Sunglasses.
What type of eyeglasses frames do you carry?
We carry all the latest material and style of the optical industry. Our frames include metal frame, plastic frame, bendable frame and titanium frames, Style wise, we have rimless eyeglasses, full rim eyeglasses, semi-rimless eyeglasses and eyeglasses for child.
Our cheaper eyeglasses are of the same, if not better, quality as those sold in a normal retail store, just with a steep discount.

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