I like wearing fashion prescription sunglasses

Yesterday, I went out with a boy I had known from the internet chatting room, wearing my new pair of fashion prescription sunglasses. I thought it was a great experience and I would like to share with you my joy.

I am a lovely girl, but not that fashionable. I do not like the fascinating eyeglasses, nor do I love wearing make-ups. However, there is one thing in this world that I really love: fashion prescription sunglasses. Since my eyes are a little near-sighted, so I had to depend on the prescription eyeglasses. Continue reading

Children need additional eye care

Many people believe that the eye is human being’s gift presented by God. This powerful organ deserves adequate care throughout any one’s life. Good eye care is critical for everyone, especially teenagers. Protecting the eyes and maintaining good eyesight is one of the most valuable tasks that should draw enough attention from young kids. Imagine a kid with poor vision. Since eyesight is definitely irreversible, getting precious eyesight deteriorated at a young age is absolutely a life-long nightmare. In this article, some aspects of eye care are introduced in children’s behalf.eye care Continue reading

Various types of specialty eyeglasses

Besides eyeglasses for regular use, there are still various types of specialty eyewear or “task-specific” eyeglasses. Since one pair of eyeglasses does not fit all sizes in most cases, those specialty eyeglasses such as computer glasses, driving eyeglasses and protective glasses are helpful in specific circumstances. In most cases, regular prescription eyeglasses can not meet the specific requirements in terms of eye safety, UV protection, reading vision provision and the like. Most people need to switch to another pair of specialty eyewear for a dedicated task or activity that involves an unusual visual situation. Continue reading

A comprehensive introduction of eyewear

Along with their popularity, eyeglasses are still under continuous innovations. This type of device has been around for several centuries and has served and will continue to serve millions of folks. This writing describes comprehensively about various aspects of eyeglasses: frame materials, lens types, lens focal points, sunglasses types, specialty eyewear and buying tips. Continue reading

Features of polycarbonate lenses

Since its creation in 1970s, polycarbonate has been widely used in aerospace applications, helmet visors of astronauts and space shuttle windshields. Polycarbonate lenses are thinner, lighter and 10 times more impact-resistant than traditional plastic lenses. In addition, polycarbonate lenses can offer 100% UV protection from harmful sun rays. Today, this material has been the standard for safety glasses, sports glasses and children’s eyeglasses. It is also one of the most popular lens materials in the whole eyewear industry. What is more, these features position polycarbonates between commodity plastic and engineering plastic. Continue reading

Face shapes and personal colorings

For people who want to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses, the first task is to get proper visual aid. But more and more people pay much of their attention to eyewear aesthetic appearance. In order to get a best appearance, the eyeglass frame selected should match the face shape and personal coloring as well as face size. These three aspects are most important among various factors in choosing right eyeglasses. There is no single pair of glasses that fit all users. Eyewear customers should consider personal conditions carefully and make personalized decisions. At an eyeglass store, the best way is to try on some glasses to find the best match. Continue reading

Four types of lens coatings

Lens coatings such as ultraviolet coating, anti-reflective coating, mirror coating and scratch-resistant coating can improve the performance and appearance of optical lenses. Each of these coatings can bring a specific benefit that is inherently unavailable. For instance, no optical lenses are born with scratch resistance. And most eyewear users have experienced unwanted lens reflection. Except for lenses made of polycarbonate, other types of lenses by their own do no provide protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Customers can choose a coating according to personal needs. Continue reading

Design philosophy of unisex eyewear

In the eyewear market, some designers focus on enhancing female and male contrast in eyeglasses design, resulting distinguishable masculine and feminine glasses. These glasses follow two separate runways. On the other hand, lots of unisex eyeglasses have still been around for decades and attract both men and women. Some optical stores even have exclusive unisex glasses sections. Continue reading

Benefits from high-index lenses

Thin eyeglasses bring attractive appearance and comfortable experience. Thinner and lighter high-index lenses are the perfect choice for wearers who are aware of both appearance and comfort. A common sense is that lenses for myopia correction are thicker at the edge and thinner at the center. Stronger prescriptions require thicker lens edges. With the prevalence of rimless and semi-rimless eyeglass frame styles, those conventional plastic or glass lenses’ thick edges are even more obvious, which can detract from the eyeglass appearance. Continue reading

Aspheric lenses with curvature changes

Unlike spherical lenses, aspheric lenses have different curvatures on their front surface. It is commonly known that spherical lenses have the same curve across the entire surface. The changes in curvature allow aspheric lenses to have flatter curves than conventional lenses, bringing a thinner and slimmer appearance. From another perspective, an aspheric lens has a profile that is rotationally symmetric, but not a portion of a sphere. In addition to appearance improvement, glasses made of aspheric lenses can still reduce or eliminate spherical aberration as well as other optical aberrations. Continue reading