About Us

Discountglassesdirect.com was developed by eye doctors to create an inexpensive method for people to acquire high-quality, finished prescription eyeglasses. From their experience in both private offices and retail establishments, the founders decided they could provide this service for people inexpensively, bypassing expensive retail establishments.

Using the latest in modern materials, manufacturing and marketing systems, Discountglassesdirect.com bring our product direct from our factories to you. With no "middlemen", no retail-space overhead, and practically no advertising budget(we leave it to you, our satisfied customers to spread the word about Zenni Optical), we do not pay for or sell expensive, or even inexpensive designer eyeglasses frames.

Eyeglasses are definitely a personal fashion and style item, and to that end we strive to provide a fashionable and stylish product. More importantly, we feel prescription eyeglasses are a health item necessity for most wearers, and to that end we take considerable pride in being able to bring to all a very high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices.

We use the same high-quality materials, but can offer them at a high discount because of our high volume, since we don't have the additional overhead constraints (such as retail rent space, behind-the-counter employees, and expensive displays) that your doctor's office or optical must overcome. Since operating this website is much less expensive than a typical retail establishment, we are able to pass these savings on to the general public.

Discountglassesdirect.com is a direct seller of prescription glasses. When you buy from Discountglassesdirect.com you'll save 70%, 80%, even 90% over a brick-and-mortar store! Plus, not only will you save tons of money, but you'll be protected by Discountglassesdirect.com 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and Discountglassesdirect.com professional customer service.