Warranty and Guarantee

We take great pride in maintaining highest quality standard in the industry. During the entire production process,We apply a "Total Quality Control" method through every step of production. The best materials and latest technology is used and every product is mechanically tested and visually inspected by certifiend technician before leaving the factory.

However in the unlikely case, if you are not satisfied with your prescription eyeglasses for any reason, you may exchange for a new pair or return it:

If it is our mistake, we will replace it at no cost to you (price difference will be charged if customer would like another frame with higher value)

If customer does not like the look of the frame, you can exchange for a different pair of glasses at 50% of the cost.

If customer wishs to change the prescription, you can also exchange for a different pair of glasses at 50% of the cost.

If customer would like to return the glasses for any reason,we would be glad to do so with 50% restocking fee on the frame. Lenses are not refundable.
The industry standard on custom produced merchandise is that the order is charged at the placement of the order, and that there is no refund due if the order was filled in accordance with the specifications of its placement. Our policy of a fifty percent refund on this custom made product, is therefore, very generous.

If you want to return or exchange the glasses, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the glasses to get a Return/Exchange Authorization Number, then send back the glasses with an order copy and case, we will process the exchange order or send you the refund upon receipt of your glasses.

*shipping and handling are not refundable.