Dark Sunglasses

Dark Sunglasses- Wardrobe Essentials for Fashionistas Dark sunglasses have always been a favorite both for men & women. They are ornaments can you employ to add a finishing touch to your persona. As a functional device to protect eyes from… Read moreDark Sunglasses

Bendable Glasses

What are bendable glasses? Bendable glasses, also known as flexible eyeglasses, are made of durable materials like memory plastic/metal and titanium and more. Those bendable eyeglasses are can return at least it’s 98% original shape after being bent or twisted…. Read moreBendable Glasses

Black Eyeglasses

Black glasses Make You Look Chic and Classic Since black is always the most popular color, glasses with black frame are generally considered the most classic style among various stylish eyeglasses. Now, black eyeglasses become much diversified and feature different… Read moreBlack Eyeglasses

Modern Eyeglasses

Modern glasses make you look chic Modern glasses are eyeglasses combined with the newly fashionable statements. Fashion world always changes in every season, so does eyeglasses. To meet your needs of keeping up with the eyeglasses fashion world, we always… Read moreModern Eyeglasses

Round Eyeglasses

Fashion Round Glasses Are Quite Hot Items Round lens glasses add a chic edge to your look. Since the wind sweeps the fashion world, round eyeglasses, one typical kind of fashion eyeglasses, have made a quite stir and gained large… Read moreRound Eyeglasses

Flexible Frames

Materials of our flexible frame glasses To get flexible eyeglasses frames, we adopt quality bendable glasses materials. At present, titanium, memory metal and memory plastic are widely used for our flexon glasses frames. Compared with traditional metal and plastic materials,… Read moreFlexible Frames

Durable Glasses

Durable glasses & frames affordable at http://www.discountglassesdirect.com As the name implies, durable glasses are made of high quality bendable materials. Now, durability is a key factor of eyeglasses. Most people want to make sure that the eyeglass frames are indestructible… Read moreDurable Glasses

Big Eyeglasses

Big Glasses are All the Rage among Fashionistas Big glasses fashion trend runs so wildly in the fashion world. You are instantly considered as a fashionista if wear a pair of chic big frame glasses that will make you stand… Read moreBig Eyeglasses